Transport and Trades


Roads and Railway lines are the mainly transportation mediums in district.

National Highways – Nagpur to Haiderabad is National Highway passing through Wadki, Karanji, Pandharkawada, Patabori, and Kelapur etc. in district.

State Highways – Amravati to Chandrapur is State Highway passing in district through Ner, Yavatmal, Jodmoha, Mohada, Umri, Karanji and Wani.

Nagpur To Tulzapur is also State Highway in district passing through Kalamb, Yavatmal, Arni, Umarkhed etc.

Railway Lines  – Yavatmal and Darwha are on Railways Narrow Gauge line.

Wani-Warora – Wani is Railways Junction. One line goes towards Rajur where as other goes to Chankha. This line is used for charcoal transportation purpose. Second line goes towards Majri-Warora.

Trade and Commerce

Cotton, Jute, Nylon, Tiles, Lime Stones and Charcoals are exported from this district. Similarly Food grains, Tea, Coffee, Machinery, Steel, Motors, Bicycles, Cements and Medicines are need to be imported from outside.

Jowar and Cotton are main crops in district. Nuts and Toor pulses are also important cash crops. Cotton and Teak wood are important and export quality crops due to which district receives more revenue. Other export quality things are cotton threads, Lime stones, Ice, Wooden furnitures, livestock foods, Oranges, Charcoals and Tendoo leaves etc.

Mainly importing goods are cloths, cement, medicine etc. Majority of these goods are imported from Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune  etc places.  Yavatmal, Pusad, Wani, Digras, Ghatanji, Pandharkawada, Ralegaon, Darwha and Ner are mainly known as trading places in district.