Other Departments

Office of the Superintendent of State Excise 


Office of the Joint District Registrar Class-1 (Lower Grade) and Stamps Collector


District Rural Development Agency, Zilla Parishad, Yavatmal


Work status since few years under Backward Region Grant Fund


District Statistical Office



This is district level Department comes under Finance and Statistical Directorate works under Planning Department of Government of Maharashtra. Important information at district level required for planning purpose is done by this office.

Publicity :-This office publishes various official books.

a) Districts Social and Financial Abstract – This book contains districts important social and financial information collected from various departments.

b) Municipal Councils Book – It contains detail related to property, expenditure, employees status,  tax procedure, slums, slaughter  houses and various statistical information of all Municipal Councils.

c) Selected points of Tahsil – It contains total 49 points of Tahsil which can be used to compare various aspects with various things.

Counting – It also counts employees available with various departments under state, ZP and MCs. Since last few years it also cover granted educational institutes. It also participate in Census, Live stock census etc.

National Income – To forecast the national income, this offcie, collects primary, secondary and other areas information.

Index- State level wholesale and retails prise index varified this office regularly.

Valuation- It helps to  valuate and survey various schemes implemented by various department

Format Registration Scheme – Under this, important statistical information such as (Birth-Death rate and migration related) required for census directorate

Women and Child Welfare Office, Zilla Parishad

Under this program 0 to 6 yrs children as well as pregnant mothers and helper gets all types of fundamental and necessary services through integration procedure direct to their villages. At local group level, such services for children and mother, Anganwadi places at centre stage. Therefore Anganwadi worker have to play important role to implement this program. In 1982 total four block panchyats have started this program. Later on slowly all other are covered in this campaign.  Today all 14 schemes are stared in all 16 block panchayats and all are included under district integrated child welfare scheme.

District Social Welfare Office, Zilla Parishad Yavatmal


Application formats of various schemes implemented by this office :-

Asstt. Commissioner, District Fisheries Office

Address – Administrative Building, First Floor, District Collectorate campus, Yavatmal

      • Schemes implemented in district –
        • Fish seeds production centres forming
        • Fish conservation in stable water
        • Subsidy on fisheries equipments
        • Fish conservation development agency
        • Fisheries cooperative societies development
      • Other schemes –
        • National welfare grant scheme (Gharkul scheme)
        • National Fish Development Board
        • Prime Minister Package

District Treasury Office and Tahsil level sub-treasurie


      • District Treasury Office , District collector office campus 07232-242984, 242495
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Arni– 267069
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Darwha – 255536
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus,Pusad– 245880
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Kelapur – 227171
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Umarkhed – 238526
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Wani – 228437
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Digras  – 222078
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Babhulgaon – 240458
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Kalamb – 226694
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Ghatanji – 227866
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Maregaon – 237324
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Mahagaon – 222269
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Ner – 267954
      • Sub Treasury Office, Tahsil Campus, Ralegaon – 225737