Pilgrimage places

Shri. Chintamani, Kalamb


Inner view of Chintamani

One of the Ashtaganesh (8 Ganpati Temples), of Vidarbha, the Chintamani Ganpati, at Kalamb, is unique in that the temple is underground (around 27-30 feet). It is one of the 21 Kshetras of Ganpati in Maharashtra and is considered to have been constructed in the 7th or 8th Century.
Located on the banks of the River Chakravarti, it is said to have been the site where Lord Ganesh blessed Lord Indra, who prayed to Him to get relieved of the curse of Rishi Gautam.

Kalamb Ganesh Mandir finds reference in the Ganesh Puran as well as the Skanda and Mudgal Puranas.
Once in 12 years, in the Hindu month of Ashwin (Sept-Oct), the water from the Ganesh Kund in front of the idol, begins to rise and partially submerges the idol as per the locals.
Temple is well-maintained and requires one to climb down medium height steps to reach the sanctum-sanctorum (Garbagruha). One is blessed with the darshan of a 4.5 feet high Ganesha idol.
Another unique and uncommon feature of the temple is that the idol is dakshinabhimukh, i.e. facing south!
The place has a very spiritual feel. The place is not very crowded except on Special Days and the annual festival during Ganesh Chaturthi.
It is located at Kalamb Village, about 20-22 km from Yavatmal city. The road is motor able right upto the temple parking.
Jai Ganesh!

Baba Kambalposh, Dargah, Arni


Outer view of Dargah

Arni city is known as a unique example of unity between Hindus and Muslims because of Dargah only. Dargah is located at the highway no.3 ( Nagpur – Tuljapur ) Dargah is the heart of the city which plays an important role in the social & economic progress of the city.

The Baba Kambalposh R.A. Dargah Sharif is situated at the bank of Arunavati river. Urs of Hazrat Baba Kambalposh R.A. is very famous which is celebrated annually on 5th to 10th February. In Urs peoples all over maharashtra gathered to celebrate this city festival which includes various programs like Mahefil-e-Qawwali, Bhajan program etc.  Various social activities like Blood donation camp, free health check-up by expert doctor with free medicine etc are also conducted by trust.

Shri. Jagdamba Devi Sansthan, Kelapur


Idol in Navratree

Shri. Jagdamba Devi temple is on 20 KMs away from Andhra-Maharashtra border and 4 KMs away from Pandharkawada Tahsil Head Quarter on National Highway No. 7 Haiderabad-Nagpur. It is very pilgrimage place and huge devotees from Andhra Pradesh, Vidarbha Regon are regularly arrives here.

In 1988, the trust is formed and declared as administrative body to temple. Various types of trees and plants can be seen in garden adjacent to temple and helps to visitors for shadow in summer season. Various facilities are provided such as accommodation for remote devotees, community hall, children park etc.

on 2nd October 1982, stone foundation ceremony has been carried out by Shri. Sant Istari Maharasj (Kinhi) in presence of hundreds of devotees from Ghatanji and Pandharkawada tahsil. From 1982 to 1987, collection of charity form devotees stared to renovate the temple